Mission Statement

Welcome to One Stop Poetry Archives. If you were part of the One Stop community then you know that it was a place where poets came together on a weekly basis (many for the first time in the blogsphere). The most exciting thing about the one year run of One Stop aka OSP was the community that formed. Blogging was still a new animal to many of us creative types. I can proudly say that many collaborations were formed through that community.

This archived site is an attempt to keep the features (primitive though many of them were) alive so we (the blogverse) can reflect on the work of these writers, poets, photographers and sit back and smile at their growth as artists. We at One Stop Poetry welcomed the submissions of those (many) who were just getting their feet wet, some were high school or college students.

One Stop was privileged to meet so many talented people. It is no surprise that so many of those individuals have gone on to have their excellent works published. It is in the celebration of the scintillating talent and creativity that this archived site wishes to focus light on creative expression.